Earthquake -- hope everyone's coop and chickens are ok


10 Years
Mar 11, 2010
Frederick, MD
I didn't hear of any injuries to people, but I hope that all of our beautiful coops, runs, and of course their inhabitants are ok in this afternoon's earthquake. I was at work in Washington DC on the 3rd floor and have never felt anything like it. It was a very strange feeling as if we were on a boat rocking on slow waves.
Didn't bother my chickens at all but it made my dogs bark and scared the !!#!! out of me! I was sitting on the front porch eating lunch and actually looked around for a BIG truck or something before briefly concluding I was hallucinating... not something we usually have here. I called my parents (just down the road) to be sure I wasn't nuts lol. No damage here at all and when I went out to check the critters the birds were just sun and dustbathing and hoping I had come down there with snacks.
I always use my birds to gauge weather patterns and anomalies like that.

Just wanted to say I also hope all is well with humans, fowl, and all other walks of life. I can gauge when the hawk is coming, flying near as they look and are all alert, then run and hide, heads down, but eye up. They are in a covered run, so now worries, but I can tell !!!

I watch the chickens, and then look up and sure enough , they know !!​
My EE laid later than normal today don't know if the earthquake had anything to do with it. Very weird to have earthquake around here but we had one a lot closer to my house a few years ago in Roanoke that sounded and felt like something exploded. My mom and stepdad were keeping my kids and my stepdad thought it was a big truck but my son (age 9) told him no grandpa that was an earthquake and sure enough he was right. I was driving in Lynchburg and it really shook some buildings there. I am in sales and went into an office just after it happened and they thought someone had run into the building. Crazy! Hope there are no after shocks.
Hi, Being a life long Gulf Coaster.....just a suggestion if ya from N.C. north......Ya'll better keep a keen eye on Irene and start getting prepared now. Know it's been a while for alot of you since a maor hurricane and for some I'm sure...never. Take my word( 57 yrs, Betsy and Camille in 60's) many smaller thru the years since and then the big one, Katrina. Nothing to play with. don't take it lightly....prepare now. Lots of you folks on east coast all crammened together. Takes time to move lots of folks out. Get prepared now. Better to be safe than sorry. From expreience. Fireman lots of years. Seen alot. Not fun. Take care.....Keep safe.

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