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Mar 3, 2010
Boerne, TX
I am a newbie to this - expecting my fist chicks from MPC next week, and we are thrilled and excited about the whole thing. So today I went to Randall Burkee and Tractor Supply to make sure I had everthing I would need. At Tractor Supply they had baby chicks in - they were so cute! But as I was looking at them with my daughter a woman asked me the difference between the "bantam" batch and the "standard" batch. Then she said she was buying it as a easter gift but maybe they would keep it longer, but really she was just going to take it home to put in an easter basket because it was cute.
I told her she needed a heat lamp and the right equipment or the chick in the basket would be dead - and she looked a little suprised and walked away. I hope she didn't come back later - or if she did she was going to be responsible. I hope I said the right thing to save some poor chicks from neglect.

Just a rant - but I am wondering if others have run into this? Is there a right way to handle it? Should I have told the store?
in my area it seems as though the stores are using easter as a money opportunity and would maybe not have said anything like you....which is what that woman needed to hear......so, yes, you did the right thing in my opinion. I researched chickens and have been on this site for almost eight months before i went into our local store....most people who get chicks do zero research. I think what you said was totally called for. don't people know chickens have hearts too?
Thank goodness you were there! Think of how many times stupid has killed a chick close to Easter though...UGH!! Yeah, folks are dumb, and you did all you could do...hope she just went home.
Wow! You did the right thing. Its so sad that they're people out their that do that! For the love of God.... Just go to Target, spend a few bucks and get the toy baby chic that chirps in your hand when you hold it! They're cute too! And no poor little chic has to die!
I'm also a newbie, but I am with you there. You shouldn't buy chicks just because they are cute, because most people dump them soon after the holidays are over. If you give them away to a good home with someone who knows what they're doing, that is one thing, but dumping them in the trash because they are unwanted is just cruel (have heard of both before- it is horrible).
I think they should have some type of rule in order to purchase chicks, like they do animals at the SPCA--> you have to fill out the paperwork and then they check it over.

But that is just my opinion.
I had an email from a photographer. I posted an add that I had a few extra chicks in my order to see if anyone wanted the extras and since then all are spoken for. He wanted some to use as props in his studio for photography sessions. I asked him what he planned to do with the chicks after they grew out of the "cute" and fuzzy stage and how he planned to keep them fed, watered, etc. I don't think he thought that far ahead. My radar was on full alert and I never planned on giving him any. He never called back.
Easter will mark 18 years of chicken tending for me.
I went to a feed store for dog chow, saw the chicks and only had enough extra cash for two of them. But I thought well, that's two chicks who won't be victims of the Easter mentality.

Had to read up at the library after I peeked at the chicken books in the feed store - and am happy to report the Hanky and Panky lived long, happy lives!
May I make a weird suggestion? Off the top of my head?

If you can do it, place a "chicks accepted ad on your local Craig's List and offer to take them off the buyer's hands after the thrill is gone!

I have empty brooders and one empty pen right now, I think I can even place a short ad in the paper for free.
I think they should have some type of rule in order to purchase chicks, like they do animals at the SPCA--> you have to fill out the paperwork and then they check it over.

First - thank you all for your support! I totally agree with this comment - it should be like getting a SPCA or Humane Society pet. I am glad to hear the stores have minimum purchase amounts - I wasn't aware of that but am relieved. Hopefully if she comes back they won't sell her just one!​

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