Easter egg chickens


Sep 13, 2016
I just sold 4 Easter egg roosters. All were different colors. Some of these roosters are not nice. I have a hen that is really bad. You do not put your hand in the nest box for eggs. She will peck to to death. I have to use a glove and she just keeps pecking the glove. She is the only bad one I have out of 16.
I did have an Easter egg rooster that was bad and I got rid of him in a hurry. He put one of his talons right through my arm.
There is one I just love, she has a Top Hat and that is her name. My Easter egg hens are mostly grey and burnt umber. They have the muffs. My favorite is my Buff Orpington rooster. I hand raised him and the others, but he is the only one who follows me around.
Just wanted to share.

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