Easter Egg Rooster and 3 hens


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10 Years
Sep 2, 2009
Bladensburg, Ohio
I do not have photos of the hens. They look like they are molting right now so their feathers are a little rough. They are 18 months and at this point in time have not been laying but I am attributing that to molting. The rooster is gorgeous. Pick up only can arrange to meet you some where, I am in Ohio. All the hens are I believe what would be called blue, one has a black head, one has a brown head and the third was a dark head. When they are laying I get a beautiful blue egg, a light green egg and a "pink" egg. I have to many chickens and the 3 hens are really shy and stay to themselves and hide so it is possible they are hiding there eggs on me also. The rooster is one of my boss roosters and has never shown any aggression however there are also several other roosters in the flock if that makes a difference.



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