Easter Egger Baby Chicks...... show off your pics


10 Years
Aug 17, 2009
Cut n Shoot Texas
These Four are 5 days old. The yellow one is a cockeral and the other three are pullets....... They all have the same Easter Egger Roo for a father and 4 different Hens for mothers....

This one is my favorite... I named her Oscar
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Wow! They're such cuties! Being at such a young age, how can you already tell that the yellow chick is a cockerel? Are all their moms also EE's? I'm currently in a situation that's similar to yours. We recently had four successful hatches. All have the same EE dad, but 4 different moms (RIR, Blue Andalusian, Cuckoo marans, Wheaten Penedesenca). We have more upcoming hatches that are from between him and the following: BCM, EE's, Ameraucana and Sicillian Buttercups.
I am using the wing methode of sexing when they are two days old. This is the only time it works. I missed the opportunity last year with my hatch so this year I obsessed about it. When they are one day old it is very hard, and 4 or 5 days old they all look the same..... but when I try this methode on 2 or 3 day olds it is very easy.


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