Easter Egger Data available?

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    Oct 31, 2008
    I have 4 EEs from Murray McMurray who are now molting for the first time. We lucked out and got 1 black hen laying pink eggs, but the shells are not smooth and are thin; 2- Black with white neck ring and one spreckled grey lay blue eggs; the 4th one- classic brown with gold hair lays huge green eggs. The green egg layer took almost 2 months longer than the others to begin laying BUT... her eggs have always been super large and more frequent. The other three have layed about 3 eggs/week over the past year, but Goldie was usually good for 5+ eggs/week.
    Is there any correlation between egg color and length of time till laying?
    Interestingly they have gone into molt at the same order that they started to lay. Each layed about 11 months before beginning the molt.
    Has anyone on BYC done any formal compilation of the EE laying data? I'm wondering if it even relates to the colors or muffs of the hens since our are different.
    Also one might learn, for instance, if rough shells can indicate a shell gland disorder, that a pink egg-layer having rough shells may be inclined to a shell gland disorder?

    We need an interested teen who needs a school project to gather and tabulate data!!!
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    Jun 15, 2008
    Egg color genes have nothing to do with any other characteristics. EE being a mix of breeds can really take any time to lay or have any type of disorder found in chickens. Compiling EE data will simply give you every characteristic a chicken can have plus egg coloring on top of all of it. If there's any correlation it would be because more people have chickens from one hatchery over another. EE from the same hatchery are probably going to be more alike because they will be more closely related. I have both standard and bantam EE from different sources. 3 of my standards were from the same hatchery and probably the same hatch. They are all the same color but with different combs and they all started laying at 16weeks. They all lay different colors of egg from greyish pale blue to olive green. All these bantams with each one being a different color lay sky blue http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v244/aqh88/chickens/EEs/bantam/ and all started laying at different times. One still isn't laying months after the others.

    Also a pink egg is a brown egg. It happens in any breed that was not bred for a specific color or shade of eggs. Lots of bantams can lay pink eggs because they weren't bred to specifically lay pure white or dark brown. They have a mix of brown genes including ones that can give a pinkish shade.

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