Easter Egger Foot Problem. Help!!!


Jan 31, 2021
St. Augustine, FL
Hi everyone.

My EE feet pads are light red and have a whiteish yellow spot in the middle. I did a google search and it all came up as Bumblefoot. However, the pics of Bumblefoot online looks nothing like her feet. I am in doubt that it is Bumblefoot.

There is no swelling and her feet are not sensitive to the touch.

Any ideas what’s up?

It looks like my other EE might be developing whatever this is. I bandaged both feet on both hens to keep from spreading this. I also put Vetricin Plus and Blu Kote on as well.


In the Brooder
Mar 1, 2021
Curious to see pics and what ppl say as my roo has bumble foot and I think it started similar to this, kinda looks like when a person is starting to get a yellowed callus on the foot? But now his r obviously infected (swelling,hot,etc) but he doesn't have the typical hard kernal or cheesy stuff he has oozy white stuff w/ some stringy bits ... Looking forward to see the pics and what ppl say, hopefully all goes well for you

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