Easter Egger hasn't been herself


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Apr 11, 2017
I'm new to Backyard Chickens! Love reading and learning! I'm also new to raising chicks. My flock consists of 26 and various breeds. My Easter Egger hasent been her self these last few days. She's the head of the pecking order. She was pooped on 3 days ago. The next day she slept most of the day and didn't eat or drink anything. Yesterday (day 2) she ate a little and drank a little, but still not acting herself. My friend said being pooped on means she's been kicked out of "head of the pecking order". Has anyone ever heard of this??? Is she depressed? I have checked her wings for sores and don't see any wounds anywhere.


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Jul 16, 2015
She sounds unwell. Unfortunately it can be hard to pinpoint what could be wrong without more specific symptoms. If you have access to vet you could take her in. Otherwise she may recover or not. I think being pooped on meant she slept under the roosts because she's too weak to get up on them.

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Aug 8, 2016
" I think being pooped on meant she slept under the roosts because she's too weak to get up on them."
Nobody intentionally waited for her to pass by and pooped on her. Whatever is going on probably caused her to not roost and the poop was a byproduct of that. You can try adding some supplements to their water. It may help her fight off whatever is going on.If you have an avian vet that may be an option. I've never taken a chicken to the vet. I do my best and if that's not enough, than it's not enough. Different people have different opinions on that and that's just mine. I'd make sure she's warm. If the others start to pick on her or maybe even as a preventative before it happens, remove her and put her in a dog crate where she's safe and warm and see how she does.

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Also, go out there at night with a good flashlight, and look for mites and lice. If you find any on any of the birds, get the permethrin spray and treat everything! If it's a parasite problem, you can fix it. If she's got some internal health issue, rest, or a trip to the veterinarian, is her best chance. Good luck! Mary

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