Easter egger hen or rooster??


7 Years
Jul 1, 2014

Is this easter egger a hen or rooster?
I know her(hopefully) feathers on her back are plucked from the others we are working on that we have given them more room.

We are hoping that she isn't a rooster because we already have a American gamefowl rooster.

She was born on June 24th


Here is another picture of Bubbles (his/her name).
She was younger and wasn't being picked on yet
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I'm really REALLY hoping Bubbles is a pullet because we have an American gamefowl rooster and they attack other roosters.
I think it is a pullet. The comb has only one row, the coloring isn't patchy, there is no red on the wing bow, there are no pointy saddle/hackle feathers, and the overall color pattern is pullety. In contrast, a cockerel would often (not always) have red on the wing, have a patchy appearance, have a larger, three-rowed comb, and have pointed saddle and hackle feathers.

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