Easter Egger just grew cheeks?!?!

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    I've had this peculiar Easter Egger since last year. I bought her at a poultry swap. She was all kinds of pecked around her saddle feathers, and she just look miserable! I decided I had to have her... She lays a very, very light brown/pink-ish egg. She never had the "puffy" cheeks, and her legs are slate colored. Her feathering was light blue around the head, hackles, saddle and tail feathers. Her middle was what I will describe as a "brown and cream partridge" look. She's been constantly moulting since the day we got her... no lice, mites, or anything.

    This winter she lost all of the lighter blue feathers (and i mean all of them! her tail was gone, her neck feathers, everything!) and grew in dark, almost black feathers! She also grew in puffy cheeks! If her egg color changes, I will be convinced I have a different chicken! ahaha

    Anyone had this happen?!
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    Yep, my easter egger that I got at day old and raised hadn't hardly any puffy cheeks and at all - until after this last molt, and now her cheeks puff out all over the place. She also has the tinted pinkish egg - no egg color change LOL.

    She has some partridge "something" in her, because that's her main pattern and coloring. (brown and black).

    btw - I got her the spring before this last spring, so she'll be two in March.

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