Easter Egger Sexing "tips and tricks" *Pictures Included*

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    Last question
    I go mostly by the color of the comb to sex all my chicks when 5-6 weeks old... Do use comb size too but Am I wrong to think all the cockrels will be pink and the pullet combs will be white when young?
    .I now know(thank you) to look for the red shoulders on EEs but ..I have a cockrel and a pullet both about 2 months or 3 old EEs.
    Both are dark charcoal grey all over but the cockrel has white-yellowish neck feathers now . No red any place at all HUMMM??? Are there exceptions or is he just not old enough to get them in yet?
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    Dec 23, 2012
    Can you tell egg color by comb type? My black and white EE female has a single comb. The two brown ones both have pea combs.
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    Dec 30, 2012
    Hi oaxa. I have two white EEs, 9 wks old, not sure of the sex. Of your white EEs, I am curious as to how to determine the sex of the girl above, and equally important what makes you unsure of the sex of the first two. Thanks.
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    I have had pink-combed pullets at 5-6 weeks. The difference is that the males are reddening and GROWING their combs while a pullet will have minimal change aside from a bit of pink blush.

    And no, not all cockerels have red on them.
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    Comb type doesn't necessarily determine egg color. My mother has 2 EE hens that lay brown eggs but have the modified pea comb.Their 3 sisters have modified pea combs; 2 lay green and 1 lays blue. Their mother has a single comb and lays brown shells. Their father has the blue shell gene.
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    May 19, 2013
    Roo or pullet? We've guess pullet in the past but I'm just so nervous haha!


    All of the same girl who I've named Phoebe.
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    my daughter named her rir/cuckoo maran phoebe. I am not an expert, very new here. but are those hackles pointy? if so I believe pointy hackles indicate male. but the color pattern is a pattern, and they roos have sporatic splotches!
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    Thanks guys!
    Yes for the most part. See my last comment bellow.
    I'm going by comb and leg size on the last one. The one above that has really thick legs, but the comb is just borderline. Though my white EEs prior had really fat legs and were girls.

    I'm going to wait until 8 weeks to be sure before I put a label on the pure white ones. There are a few I am sure are boys, but some I am not ready to peg as girls just yet.
    Most times it does. Especially with EEs.

    Single combed EEs - 95% chance at varying shades of brown. 5% chance at green
    Pea combed EEs - 95% chance at green or blue - 5% at varying shades of brown
    Modified pea comb - well I really don't know there, but all that I've had with modified pea combs have laid coloured eggs.

    The pea comb is closely related to the coloured egg gene.
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    Aug 7, 2012
    I think that may be a roo... I see some dark red coming in!! But that is all that points to a roo in my humble opinion :p
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    It is the pattern of the feathers that make them look pointy.

    That's a girl.

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