Easter Eggers, need help sexing please


10 Years
May 9, 2009


Posted earlier, need help to sex these guys/gals. Supposed to all be layers but think I heard on do the "cockadoodledoo" today.
I bet ya to it!
I wondered the same thing when I read the post last night. It's apparently the long tail feathers that most roosters get. dictionary says its, "One of the long curved tail feathers of a rooster."

I have 8 BO that appear to be cockerels, (red combs and wattles), but I'm only hearing one attempt to crow. I'll be examining tail feathers today!
Well, sometimes a young pullet will have a couple of long tailfeathers, too, but they molt out. So, I never go by that. Going by saddle feathers and a wide comb on an EE will usually give you the sex of the bird. Hackles aren't as dependable since many hens look to have pointy hackles in the EEs.
I was looking at some photos of BO hens on google last night and noticed that their combs and wattles get pretty red! This is how I had been determining sex on my BO.... now I'm not so sure any more. We will start putting unwanted roos in the freezer in the next month or so... I don't want to butcher any of my pullets by mistake.

Width of comb... something else to look at. Think I'll take my camera to the coop/run with me and see if I can get some photos of my potential roos and get some opinions.

Lovelychicken... how old are your birds?

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