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  1. Doing some major researching right now. Planning on getting chickens soon so planning is on the chopping block at the moment. I have a few breeds that I find to be good... Road island red, new Hampshire red,barred rock and a sex-link.
    Those four are my main picks so far but I was suddenly struck frozen. There on the page was a picture of a blue egg. The little kid in me roared with happiness at the prospect. Looking into it a little the easter eggers seems the best candidate to put in my to get list...

    What is your opinion on the Easter egger? I know each chicken has its own personality but in the large picture would they be a great addition?
    The local feed store where I am to get my other chicks don't have easter eggers. Where should I look to find some?

    Thanks for your time in reading this post [​IMG]

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    If you really want blue eggs, you should get Ameraucanas or Araucanas from a reputable breeder. Or Cream Legbars... but they are EXPENSIVE.

    Yes, there are some EEs that lay blue, but most often they lay a shade of green.

    More fun yet would be to buy and incubator and order hatching eggs from a reputable breeder!

    GOOD LUCK!!!

    From my back yard....... BTW... I am no longer a breeder nor member of the Ameraucana Breeders Club
    I can no longer keep roos.

  3. I am thinking of going to Efowl. They sound decent and have some of the cheaper prices that I have seen.. Just don't know how reptuable they are...

    Might just do that, just terrified ill mess something up and they will never hatch.
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    Quote:Take a look at Cackle hatchery. I've got some from them and they were good layers. Cackle has descent prices and 15 minimum order and best shipping rates that I have found.

  5. I am planning on only starting out with six. To see how everything works out and not overwhelm myself. However, considering my weakness for the cute and fluffy i'll end up with a small army of feathered friends..Thanks for replying to my post! [​IMG]


    Dec 3, 2012
    I love my EEs they have awesome personalities and of course are just so cute with those fluffy checks. Two really fun things about EEs are you arent sure what egg color they will lay, could be blue, green, etc. Alsowhen you get a chick you dont know what color there feathers will turn out to be. Here are pics of three that i have. And all these chickens looked almost identical were little. The common chipmunk stripe type coloring.
    Sorry about the last two pics i know that the lighting is not the best and the second chicken is really a blu and brown color mixed.
  7. Thanks for the reply and the pics. Hadn't known they turned out to not be identical, cool. [​IMG] chickens are so awesome with their wide ranges of looks. Can never go wrong with a well chosen chick!

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