Eastern Lubber Grasshopper

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    Feb 6, 2011
    Ok, so I live in Florida and We have these disgusting giant grasshoppers I found out they are poisonous to chickens, although most wont touch them. (And they are also eating up my garden) apparently the only proven way to kill them is to squash them, but there I have an issue. I am terrified of them! I know some people may have some kind of home made prevention method, If you do..I would love love love to hear about it. I want them gone. Please help me, It would make my summer so much more bearable. Thanks, Tabbi
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    [​IMG] But if it meant possibly killing my chickens I'd be a sqishing fool because mine LOVE the grasshoppers
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    Quote:Try "No-Lo bait". I found it at TLC Nurseries. It is a tiny flake bait that is sprinkled in the lawn or garden. Grasshoppers eat it and they can't make chiton. Chiton is what makes their skins harden as they molt. It also keeps the eggs from maturing thus reducing the numbers of grasshoppers the next year.
    It is safe for vegetable planting. My chickens didn't eat it. They did eat grasshoppers that had consumed the bait with no problems.
    The bait is produced in batches and only has a shelf life of 6 weeks so check the date on the canister you buy.

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