10 Years
Jul 8, 2009
Western PA
Who has raised easterns? Are yours actually from the wild? Did they tame down? Post pics!!!

I have 12 that i hatched out, straight from the wild. My bronze hen hatched them and they are completely OK with being near me. My last batch of completely wild ones they were deathly afraid but i didnt hatch them my cousin did and might not have been attentive so they werent accostumed to humans im guessing. Well these guys went across my barn with the hen and now my bronze hen and golden narragansett hen are sharing 15 poults (3 additional tame ones). Not fighting at all. The cool thing is the Golden Narri is the Bronze's daughter. I cant wait till the easterns are full grown!
I hatched 13 wild easterns they were from a nest I found in the woods the hen was dead and I put the eggs in my bator they are 3 weeks old now and are just as tame as the rp I hatched with them.when I feed them they will come running up to me.they might change later but right now they are as tame as chickens.
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Crazy, i found a nest of 13 in the woods, all 13 hatched but one died the day it hatched. All are tame, they seem even tamer then my domestics. Can you post more pictures?

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