EASY payroll software?

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10 Years
Apr 14, 2009
upstate NY
I'm looking for an EASY payroll software. I only have 2 employees, so i don't need anything fancy.

So, does anyone have any suggestions? I need to get it soon.

Maybe one with a good support group too...lol .... i'm not that computer savvy.

its an add in module although it may be cost prohibitive for someone with 2 employees.
I downloaded the quickbook trail. And couldn't figure it out.....maybe I'm worse off than I thought!

But i got caught up in the downloading all of the info for my inventory. and it got a little over whelming.
then my son tried to help and that may it worse b/c i didin't know what he was doing...

Trial... not trail...lol. i need more coffee...
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I use Quickbooks at my work and we love it.....they do have very good on line support and you can find classes to help you get started
Good luck!
I'm an accountant and I don't like Quickbooks. There are too many ways for someone to mess things up, in my opinion. I'll ask our Payroll Person at work if she has seen anything that would work good for you and write later today.
I use Quickbooks. We have about 30 employees, so its a bit more than 2, but I would use it if we had 2. The best part of it is the automatic tax tables. I dont have to worry about it, it just automatically uploads when I open the program and voila!! its done. I just fill in the blanks and print.

Im big on easy.

I didn't get a chance to talk with our payroll person today. She and I were both meeting deadlines and didn't finish until 5:30.

I would recommend you find someone that knows and understands payroll and work something out with them. Calculating and writing the checks is easy enough, but payroll tax returns and payments for withholdings to the IRS are nothing to fool around with. When I worked at a CPA firm I saw many great people that tried to do it on their own to save some money that created a mess for themselves with the IRS and/or state government.

Also, if you get behind on your payments to the IRS for withholdings and the IRS determines you did it intentionally, not only could there be penalties and interest, but there could also be jail time.

Don't mess around with payroll if you don't know the rules and forms. If numbers are your thing, you can learn how to do it. But if numbers are not your thing, do what you are good at so your business will thrive and let an accountant take care of the numbers for you.

That's my 2 cents.

Good Luck!!!!
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