easy question from newbie about cross breeding...please help!

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    OK--we just got an incubator for our children (and me...[​IMG] and want to get a roo for our easter egger and golden comets (red sex links, golden buffs, etc) so we can hatch our own eggs in the future.

    we would like to know if we can combine a golden comet hen with anything to get sex links? is this possible? i've read a bit online and am getting confused.

    also, if there are multiple options, which is known to be the most gentle breed for kids?

    thanks for any help with this!
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    Quote:No. You cannot get a sex link from a golden comet or from any red sex link. To get a red sex link, the hen has to be pure for silver and the rooster has to be pure for gold. The golden comet is pure for gold. It will not work. They do not have barring so you cannot get a black sex link.

    You'll find breed selection really subjective. There are many breeds that will meet your goals. It really gets down to personal preference.

    There are some breeds that have a tendency to be gentler than others, but it is really an individual thing. Different people on this site can come up with stories about how good or bad any breed of rooster is. I'm assuming you want full sized chickens and not bantams. I'd stay away from Rhode Island Reds and and Game roosters. I'll miss some, but you have a pretty good chance of getting a nice rooster with Sussex, Australorp, Delaware, Orpington, Dominique, any of the Rocks, any of the Wyandottes, Easter Eggers, and several others I'm sure I'm forgetting. I'm assuming egg laying is one of your goals, so I considered that when making this list. I'll list Easter Eggers but that one is a bit iffy. Easter Eggers are not a breed but a type. They are simply chickens that should have the blue egg gene. How they really are depends on what other breeds they have been crossed with, but that is usually some of the ones I mentioned, so they are probably worth a chance.
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    If you want alot of eggs get a red sexlinked rooster and put him on you hens. The chicks wouldn't be sexlinked.
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    Quote:Hey neighbor - greeting from Columbia Station. Are we having fun yet? Welcome to the chicken chat (that is what my sister calls BYC)
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    Sunnyvera---Nice to meet you neighbor! we are just on cowley! I AM having fun--can't wait for the bator to come... Have any good hatching eggs?? [​IMG]

    Ghulst--Thanks for the input on using a red sex link rooster...will try to do that if I can find one. wonder how that would cross with my easter eggers??? anyone try that?

    Ridgerunner--that was just the info I was looking for- thanks for the help! I can always depend on BYC and I love the support!

    any other input always welcome!

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