Easy to cut chicken stencil?


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8 Years
Jul 13, 2011
I'm going to make my coop run doors from plywood and 1/2" mesh. I was going to cut a stencil out with a jigsaw but need some easy designs. Got any ideas or suggestions? I'm in Austin and we like things a bit funky down here...gotta give the coop some flair!
Thanks so much...your search turned up some different ones than I had seen. Anyone out there got any other ideas for "funky-ing" up the place?
Find a picture or an outline of one. Blow it up to the size you want using any print shop program. Print out the line art only and using graphite paper, trace it onto your plywood, then cut it out. You could do say 3 eggs in grass. Will take some more time but I think that would look nice.

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