Eat eggs while chicken's on antibiotics?

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Mar 16, 2008
Putnam County, NY
We now have a third bird with a swollen eye. It's much worse than the other two were, who only had a swollen eye for a day or two and then it was gone. This one looks much worse and is almost all the way closed. I've been reading that I should start the flock on antibiotics, and I'm wondering if that means I need to toss the eggs while they are on Tylan. does it pass into the eggs? I don't know where this disease could have come from - it is a closed flock. I suppose from a wild bird?
I would not eat them but I would not toss them either....i would scramble them and feed it back to the chickens
Great idea, thanks! How long does it take for the antibiotics to leave their systems? Is it gone the day after I stop giving it or does it take a few days or a week?
I dont know for sure how long it will take the meds to leave their system but I am guessing about a week (5 days) after the last dose.

also when i have a cracked egg i just toss egg shell and all into the blender and mash the poop out of the shell and cook it up with the scrambled egg, recycled

as for where this infection came from....who knows....a bird could have flown overhead and pooped, another animal (skunk, raccoon,) could have tracked in, you could have tracked it in from your street literally ANYWHERE

during the time of the illness i would be hyper sensitive about bio security. a bleach and water solution bath for coop shoes (crocs make excellent coop shoes and sanitize very well)

and when the flock is well again i would make a routine of sanitizing shoes. sorry I have no friday or saturday nights i will make a bleach bath and just dip the soles of the shoes in it.
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Tylan egg withdrawal times are zero days for the soluble stuff you put in their water, and for the IM injectible is one month. So it depends on how you plan to administer it.

For what it's worth, my BO 'recovered' from mycoplasma ('recovered' as in, is in fine health again, but will always now be a mycoplasma carrier) after five days of the soluble Tylan.

Are you sure it's MG by the way? Really, you should try to identify exactly what you're dealing with before starting with antibiotics. Tylan has a very specific action, and may not work if you're using it for something it is not active against.
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