Eating eggs after Worming with Ivomec (pour on)

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    I had seen it online that you can treat chickens with a small drop of Ivomec on the base of their neck(on the skin). I have always used dust but my oldest rooster has a serious problem with mites and the powders seem to do nothing for him. So I figured the ivomec was worth a try. I wormed all of the chickens and two of the ducks yesterday with the Ivomec Pour-On. a drop on each bird but Both the roosters got two extra ones under the wings... I did both boys, just in case the son has the same issue dad & grampa did with mites.

    What I want to know is about how long I should wait after treating with Ivomec before collecting the eggs for eating?
    Or would there even be any ill-effects of consuming the eggs from the treated hens?

    This was my first time using it for the chickens. thanks so much for the help.
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    my chickens are pecking themselves. so bad that a couple have peck places that are into the meat.does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this?
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    Nov 6, 2012
  5. Bleenie

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    You REALLY need to seperate the ones with wounds until they're healed. put a bandage on the spot if possible. the other chickens will continue to "eat" at the bloody spot if you don't seperate and take care of it.
  6. Bleenie

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    I haven't noticed a worm problem with them. My dang rooster just can't get rid of the mites/lice though, his father had the same issue. So it is a good one for getting rid of external parasites? i am expecting I will have to do it twice a year to keep the bugs off them. I think I have wazine or something similar that i use for regular wormings.... i know it's made mostly for pigs but is widely used for chickens.
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    They'll keep pecking until the hens are dead if you don't do something. Separate the pecked hens until you can buy some pinless peepers for the bullies: You can also buy smaller packages some places. They work like a charm.

    Also, you'll get a lot more responses if you make a new thread instead of jumping into the middle of one on another topic. You might also want to search past threads, this has been discussed many, many times. You will find a lot of suggestions as to how to proceed.
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    About the Ivomec; make absolutely sure dogs don't eat any eggs that might contain Ivomec/Ivomectine. It can really kill your dog.

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