Eating eggs causes cancer?!


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Aug 17, 2019
So, I must admit i was very disturbed when i read the research articles that found that eating more than 2 eggs a week raises our risk for colon, prostate, and ovarian cancer! Just 2 eggs a week?! I couldn't believe it. I thought eggs were so nutritious, full of vitamins and minerals and then i read this news. I am very worried now since we eat 3 or 4 eggs per person every day. Can anyone who has been eating eggs regularly for most of their life share your experience? Have you or an egg-eating family member had a cancer diagnosis? My grandparents were chicken farmers, and my grandpa had prostate cancer. My coworker's husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer in his 50s and he had eaten 4 eggs daily as well. Please share your experiences. How many eggs eaten daily or weekly for how many years? Type of cancer or no cancer? Thank you.

Here are a few examples...

Research from 1994...

Newer studies...

Interesting article...
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This article does not debunk your concerns, but does give areas where the study they are reviewing was flawed.
Basically there are too many variables and not consistent global results.

Having a backyard flock is probably closer to the European model of egg production, and they saw less of a correlation between PC & egg consumption.
I guess young people can be concerned about eggs causing cancer but at my age I'll keep enjoying them. Years back they started talking about how science says eggs were bad for you. Then they changed their minds and started talking about the incredible, edible egg. I guess it depends on who you want to listen to. :idunno

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