eating eggs from chickens treated for lice?


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Aug 30, 2010
What's the thought about eating the eggs from chickens being treated for lice? Are they safe to teat during the process? I have dusting powder to use on them but am not sure if I should discard the eggs? If so ...for how long after treatment?
It depends on what powder you are using.

I discussed this with an Ag professor at the University of Arkansas. That conversation was strictly about using Sevin. If you use anythng else, do not take what I say as good for your situation. He said the eggs were safe to eat. There is no withdrawal period if you dust the chickens and the nest with Sevin.

Personally, I don't eat them for a couple of days anyway, but he clearly said Sevin was not a problem.
I use Permethrin 10% spray, and I eat the eggs, just wash them off. I also rotate with Ivermectin Pour On, and I don't use this on my layers, and don't eat the eggs for several weeks. I believe Ivomec Eprinex has 0 withdrawl time.

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