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    Jul 24, 2015
    My animal supply store that I've used for years has closed so now we are buying our feed and supplies at a different store. I notice that my chicken are eating the bedding straw/hay that I put in their nesting boxes. They never did this before and I don't think it's a good idea for them to be eating it. Whenever I refill the boxes, they just come and eat away! What do you suggest I do to stop them.
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    It depends on how much they are consuming - are they just picking out seeds and eating little bits of leaves they find or eating long pieces of hay/straw? Very long pieces, I would be concerned about, since it can cause an impacted crop.

    If it continues you could switch to pine shavings for your bedding and nesting boxes.
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    if it's straw that is a bedding and they shouldn't be eating it.
    If it's Hay, that is a feed and they will eat it. Alfalfa hay had leaves that is very good for them. Grass hay is ok to eat, so long as they don't eat the long pieces whole.
    You need to find out what you bought.
    Post a pic of the stuff and we can ID it.
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