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So I HATE that as sellers, we cannot leave negative feedback. I sold Orpington eggs on Wednesday and boxed them that night. The buyer contacted me Thursday morning and said their incubator was broken and they couldn't get the eggs for a month. I told them these were the last of the season so no eggs until spring. So now I'm out the listing fee & final value fee. I offered them to the other bidder and they didn't want them, either.

I also had a Sumatra auction running at the same time and I used to sell eggs before they were laid and do 7 day auctions. That back-fired because I sold two batches of mille fleur cochin project eggs and then of course, my girl stopped laying.

So this time, I gathered eggs and did 1-day auctions.

My Sumatra auction sold and guess what??? The SAME person bought those eggs that backed out on the Orp deal. They asked if I could ship the 15th or 16th!
So now I'm out THAT listing fee/final value fee, too.

This person has 100% good feedback and everything...but I'm totally frustrated. Now, I have TWO boxes of eggs...just sitting here...going to waste. Sighs.
Contact Ebay and let them know what is going on! I think you can leave negative feedback but only after they OK it, plus they will make all the charges disappear also......

I used to use ebay all the time, not just for eggs, but for everything, but their policies, prices, and restraints are getting so rediculous, I cant deal with them anymore. I still have my account, just in case I see something that I like, But i dont sell on there that often anymore....

Keep us posted and let us know what happens!
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Hopefully you have blocked that buyer?

Did the buyer pay for the eggs they bought? If not file a non payment with ebay. If they bid on the eggs it's a contract they are required to pay for them no matter what excusses they use. We have had something like that happen a couple of times, they eggs sat boxed and ready to ship. One person finally paid about a week later and said not to bother shipping the eggs - I guess they knew what they were going to get. We refunded the shipping cost but not the cost of the eggs. Another threw a fit and demanded that we send fresh eggs 2 weeks later. That didn't happen and Ebay sided with us. The little blurb in our auction that says "we ship the eggs you bid on" was enough for ebay.

Steve in NC
I'd say, "Sure, I'll ship them on the 16th. They won't be fresh, but I'll ship them. They probablaly will have a poor hatch because the eggs are so old. Would you like me to keep them in the fridge , or shall I leave them out on the counter while they are waiting to be shipped?" The buyer bought today's eggs. It's their own fault if they aren't ready for them to be shipped today. Contact Ebay. I think you can report people like that.
Go to the "help" on the top right of your ebay home page, then the A-Z index (about the middle of the page) , On the B section - Blocking bidders based on user ID, it takes you right to it.

I understand that you have the eggs ready to go now but if you sell them to somebody else and then the original buyer pays then you are on the hook to supply the eggs - which you won't have so, they can file against you for not shipping. The only thing you can do is hold the eggs for the 7 days and file the complaint. and hold onto the eggs.

If I could ask a favor since we also sell on ebay and have 4 auctions going now, would you pm me your buyers ebay handle so I can block them as well. Thanks

That's a good idea! LOL As long as they don't explode on their way there! LOL I made it perfectly clear in the auction that these were the last eggs to be shipped this fall. If I do collect more eggs, I'm doubting they will be as fertile because the roosters are not breeding as much and the hens have all but stopped laying...

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