Ecoglo in unheated garage?


13 Years
May 6, 2011
I've never raised chicks in cold weather. I have 2 week olds in the house in the brooder, but would like to get them in the garage. The brooder is wire though, would a wire brooder with an ecoglo be ok or do I need to enclose it? It's getting down to 40's at night outside, garage a bit warmer I assume.
Is this the Ecoglow brooder heater?

It's fine to put it in the garage. The chicks huddle under it for warmth and days I'm guessing the garage gets much warmer than 40's. Maybe you have to open the door to let the heat in from outside.
I second to follow the recommendations in the manual. I had the ecoglow in an outdoor brooder when the temps dropped in the 30s. The chicks were def. cold and I added 2 heatlamps to their outdoor brooder. So if temps get below 50, make sure you provide another source of heat so that the ambient temp in the brooder area is at least 50 degrees.
Ahhh, instructions! Why didn't I think to read the manual? Lol. Thanks. :)

I think I'll put them in the garage pen during the day and bring them back in to the tub brooder at night till temps rise.

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