Edward doesn't like the cold!

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    Aug 11, 2007
    Just wanted to share my amusing story of the morning. It has been very chilly here with feirce winds, since they pulled the corn that bordered my mini horse Edward's pasture the wind has been whipping right through it, so last night I put him in the garage/chicken coop. The door is a huge garage door that is off its track so it is always open about 2' wide. I ran a couple ropes past it and Edward was out in the yard eating grass 15 minutes later. I put him back in and put a small grate across the bottom two feet. After staying up late last night, I rolled out of bed at 10:30 this morning and freaked at how late it was. I was sure I would find Ed out in the yard or even worse, gone. I hurried and dressed and ran out there. The grate was down, I looked around and couldn't find Edward. Then I looked in the garage. He was just standing in there looking at me like why are you running around yelling my name. I put his lead on him and he dug his feet in, he was NOT going to go outside it was cold out there. I finally coaxed him out and put him back in his pasture. It is still windy today but the sun is out and its not to cold for him to be out during the day.
    I just found it amusing, hes got so much fur you would think it wouldn't bother him any! He has never liked being in the garage before. (Last spring we kept him in a small stall on hubbys side of garage and he would be whinning like crazy to get out as soon as he saw you.
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    Poor Edward! I don't like the cold much myself. Maybe he needs a lil blankie.

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