EE assortment, sex and age help please.

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9 Years
Sep 5, 2010
Salado Texas
I hope these pics will be enough for a good idea, I had to lay on the ground with my arm stuck around a bush to take them, the new pullets are so skittish.

I know that they are all from Ideal hatcheries and all the same age. I bought them at a flock reduction sale from a guy who had no idea about what he had, couldn't remember anything about the order except that they are supposed to be pullets, didn't know any of the breeds but everybody looked healthy, no pasty butts and chicken math got me. I thought I had learned enough to pic out pullets but a week after I got them home, the EE and the buff one's combs started getting pink in them and my other two hens didnt turn pink untill they were a little older, but these are different breeds and they are getting a better diet since they have access to a much larger run so I don't know if that effects anything.

So anyone have an approximate age and sex of the two lighter ones? I'm confident the black one is a pullet, I'm pretty sure Astrolorpe but there is no green sheen so, maybe not.



This is Sweet Pea, she was hatched in November. I got her at a feed store as an Astrolorpe at 3 weeks old, hard way to learn, lol. She looks just like my black sex link except for the white in front (the other has red in front) she also lays smaller very dark brown eggs, is she a sex link from some other type of mating?


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