EE attacked by a dog


7 Years
Sep 6, 2012
I'm amazed at how resilient chickens are!! Glad to hear everyone's chickens are rebounding and doing well! And thank you for the honey info. I didn't end up using it as her wound is doing ok with cleaning it and TAO. Thank you to everyone that contributed advice! Sadly, these injuries seem to happen quite frequently.


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Mar 19, 2012
Carlingford, NB Canada
I had something similar happen today to one of my hens. They were free ranging on the lawn...and I believe my dog attacked her (I can't be sure because I didn't see it happen). The wound is on her backside....and her tail feathers are pretty much gone. She is limping...though I haven't noticed any wound to her legs or feet.
She is still eating & drinking...but haven't noticed if she is still pooping (her skin is completely showing in that feathers left there at all!)
Should I put something on her wound?...and if so what?
I would take a photo of the wound....but she won't let me near her right now.


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6 Years
Jan 23, 2013
Issaquah, WA
How big is the wound is it just skin or down to flesh and muscle? Treatment depends on the wound if its just feathers missing and not an open sore it is different I would definitely catch her and get it clean and treat it because you don't want it to get infected...let me know how bad it is...then I can help! I would at least get her separate so she doesn't get picked on and make it worse and clean it with sterile saline or a livestock wound spray from a local feed store...

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