EE chick with deformed eye? Please look. Comparison pic post #8


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Can anyone tell me what's wrong with this chicks' eye, and what caused it? It looks mildly 'wrong', as if it's set in the face at an angle.
The hatch started early Thursday morning, and the 3 that look like this are the last ones to hatch, and have taken a long time. I thought they were going to be dead in the shell, but then they started up again. The Speckled Sussex are all fine, and the other 2 EE were fine. Any input appreciated.
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Yea, that's what I'm talking about. Looks like it's set an an angle or something. The eyes match each other,and the last 3 chicks to hatch all look like this.

I'll go take a pic of one of the 'normal' chicks.

Thank you, Debiraymond!
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when I was scrolling down to see the picture I was expecting some morbid photo but was very pleasantly surprised to see a pretty chick--I dont see anything wrong:)
Ok, this is one of the first EEs to hatch. It's eye is more rounded and 'normal' looking to me. If y'all say I'm just crazy, and the first chick is normal, I'll take your word for it. I AM OCD, so tend to get caught up in the details

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I'm OCD too, and we tend to get caught up on details ( my thing is equality . If one of my hands hurts, i'll hit the other one on something to make it even.)But that birdie looks fine (and absolutely adorable, i might add!)

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