EE Comes in People House to Lay Egg!


12 Years
Aug 18, 2007
I came home from the gym today a little before 10. The chickens were out and I noticed that Poofy, our only EE, was off by herself, being curious. She started following me around, and when I went to unlock the door, she flew onto my shoulder. So I brought her in the house and walked around, and then opened the back door and she flew out. Then she walked back into the house. There was a closed cardboard box in a corner near the door and she went and stood on it and started scratching on it. I realized she was looking for a place to lay, so I cut down another box, added some fresh bedding and offered it to her. She jumped right in, I moved the other stuff out of the way, moved the box to the corner and she spent the next 4o minutes arranging things. Finally she laid her pretty green egg, spent a little time with it, then hopped out and joined her flock. The next time I order chicks, they will ALL be EE's! I love this chicken.
Mine all like to use the hay bale on the porch.
Yeah, what is it about EEs, technically they are mutts but they are curious, friendly, goofy. We named one of ours Gladys Kravitz, she is so nosey.

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