EE gender guess? 6 weeks 2 days old


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I bought 4 Easter eggers. My white one seems obviously pullet but the other 3 I'm sort of clueless.

EE 1



And the white one just to show you

I know the pictures are not so good. They are free range so it's hard to get too close.
So far the color patterns are that of females. But if any of them are splotchy looking or develop red shoulders, then they could be males.
Females in most cases come out a partridge looking brown and black, often known as wild-type duckwing. Some though are silver too, which is strictly black and white, sometimes with a salmon breast.

Males on the other hand are quite often black and white, but have colored red, orange, or yellow feathers that emerge on sometimes the neck, back, and most importantly and almost always the shoulders. These are tell-tail signs of a male, as females cannot have that color in those regions. Other male colors that are red flags are one coming out with a black breast and red markings on the shoulders, neck, and back.

Lots of good info on this thread:

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