EE has no butt feathers??

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  1. MY (what i believe to be an) EE Has no rear end nubbin where feathers will eventuallly come from. Her coop mates all have a nubbin with pin feathers beginning (granted, they are all four different breeds). My question is...uh...where's her hiney feathers?? She just has this round little rump.
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    I had an Ameraucana rooster and 4 EE hens. One of the hens always had rumpless chicks although she was not. It must have been genetics going back to that rumpless breed ? araucana ?. Heavens only knows what hatcheries use to produce their EEs. If your bird has no tail, it will have not tail feathers.
  3. with no tail will it be harder to sex the bird?
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    I had a rumpless EE in my last batch of chicks. I could tell it was a roo pretty early on.
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    I am NOT a chicken sexing expert....but it is perfectly easy to tell my rumpless roo from my rumpless pullets. [​IMG]

    edited to add -- hey cool, now I'm "overrun with chickens!"! This post put me over the top. Coooooellllll. [​IMG]
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