EE Hen


9 Years
11 Years
Jul 12, 2010
North Eastern Arizona
I gave a typical chipmunk EE hen that's is either 4 or 5, and she is slowly dieing. I don't believe she is sick. She is just dieing. I always read how chickens live these long lives, and I still have three original chickens from my very first flock from 2010. All the others seem well. I believe this girl was on the bottom of the pecking order, so isn't as plump as the others. I'm thinking that because she was purchased at a feed store, and probably came from an overbred production facility, her genetics aren't that great. She did lay very well for us and had some offspring. I guess I want your opinions/thoughts on this. Do you think she was simply a "side effect" of over breeding, and that her body is just shutting down?

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