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    I have an EE hen who lays brown eggs. I just brought home what I believe to be an EE or EE mix roo. If I hatch eggs from this pairing will I get multiple color egg layers? Also - what other types of roosters have the ear tufts?

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    Ear tufts a boney area that has actual tufted feathers growing straight out of the sides of the heads is an arucana. Muffs and beards (loose skin around the neck just under and around the beak covered in fluffy feathers) the three breads I know are EE, Ameraucana, and Flavorelles, but definately could be others.

    This is beard and muff

    I don't have pictures of tufts b/c I don't have any arucanas

    As to egg color, its all a gamble. Pea combs give you a better chance (in a chicken that has colored egg laying genes in it's genetics) If the male has the colored egg laying gene it is a possibility, but no where near a surity.
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    Great pic!

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