EE Question


10 Years
May 7, 2009
I have one ameraucana chick. I don't know if its male/female yet.

However, if its a cockerel, does that mean that the offspring would be EEs, as long as the hen is not an ameraucana?

If its a hen, same question in relation to a buff orpington cockerel.

I'm not completely sure what makes an EE. All is understand is it is a mix that lays colored eggs.
Got it, thanks!

What are the chances of colored eggs? Sorry, this is new to me.
Well I was just asking about similar things too and if I understand correctly if he is pure then he has the O gene which is the gene that is the blue/green egg gene. So then if you bred to an EE hen that laid blue/green you would be getting more blue/green, if you bred with browns you get shades of olive and if you bred to an olive layer the eggs would get more blue/green?
Is this so? I am now thinking about getting rid of my 3 questionable roos and just getting an Ameraucana roo for this reason in the future I want blue/green and olive layers depending on which hens I mate them too.
I will be watching this

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