EE roo/hen?


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9 Years
Oct 13, 2010
I received these two "hens" about a month ago. At the time they were the same size as my bantams, they are just a little bit bigger now.
In that time Peaches has grown a comb and "her" tail feathers stand up quite nicely like my little bantam roosters' do.
The RIR cockerel I have goes after both of them, but I'm not sure if he's displaying dominance or mating.

It appears that Cheeks is also starting to grow a comb

I looked on the EE board and did find a couple of pics of hens with combs, so this gives me some hope, but I thought I'd ask the experts here.
1st one looks like a roo.

Can't tell the second one but I'd guess pullet... what talk about lots of EE traits of both Ameraucana & Araunca!
I'm sorry I don't know how old they are. They were given to a lady friend of mine and she then gave them to me.
I hoped perhaps someone would be able to give me an approximate age for them.
Here is the only other clear pic I could get of #2 Cheeks

Luckily if Peaches turns out to be a roo I know of someone who is quite happy to trade him for one of her hens.
Apparently we have roo fever around here. My RIR roo was believed to be a hen. As were the two bantam roos I now have to give away. (no wonder I was only getting two eggs...half of my hens were roos!)
Thanks everyone for your kind responses.
I was afraid of that, but fortunately I have a good place to swap him with. Maybe I'll get two for him... javascript:insert_text('

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