EE Roo? How do you tell when they aren't crowing yet? (PICS Added!)


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May 29, 2009

I have three EEs that are all buff/white. One of those EEs from the same hatch is larger than the others, has an upright tail thats a lot bigger than the other two gals, but the comb is small pale, and of no noticeable difference from the other two. Im wondering now if this means my Blizzard is a roo? I don't mind if s/he is, but can someone give me some characteristics they might have (Besides the crowing? S/he is only 4 weeks old) that might be evident to tell the difference between EE hens and roos? The one I suspect is male is all white, while the other two girls are buff. The buffs have smallish tails, but Blizzard is definitely bigger.

I can add pics tomorrow. I had to charge the camera up today
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Look at my post done earlier today. It shows pics of my 4 week old EE roo and a pullet of the same age. Look at the difference in the comb!
He's twice the size, with indeed thicker ankles! Where's the post you were talking about? CAn you link me because I can't find it. I have pictures now.

Here's a picture with the chick and two others. Basically the reason I'm suspicious (though the picture doesn't do it justice) is that this bird is twice the size of its fellow chicks. Its legs are thicker, its tail twice the size as well... and its white while they are buff. I know color has nothing to do with it, but they are all EEs and supposed to be the same age. Now, when you look at the comb, its exactly the same size/color as the other two buffs, but this one is braver, gentler, and way more rooster like than the other two who are timid.

Whatcha think?

Here's another shot.

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Since EEs are a mix the way the genes line up and are expressed are more numerous than other purebred chickens. So, being that there is not necessarily that consistancy of breed type you can get pretty much anything in a roo or a pullet. You might need to wait a few more weeks before the comb starts to turn more pink/red than its hatchmates to identify it as a roo or pullet. Right now I would say pullet, but wait for a couple weeks and the differences in comb ought to make themselves known if it really is a roo.

p.s. drafthorsegal - do you have any pictures of your frisian?
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Are you sure thats an EE? It has a strange look to it. I'm not sure about roo or pullet though. But if you say is much larger, It's probably a boy. But thats just a guess, the pictures make it hard.

Oh also. It's splled Friesian, not Frisian. lol
Thanks guys and gals. I've never claimed to be great at spelling.. perhaps I should change that. I'm the one in love with my Belgian. My hubby is the one that melts over the Friesian in the barn.

A chicken expert (well okay hes my horse farrier!) took a look see and chuckled saying I have a great big EE pullet and I shouldn't be concerned. I was sorta hoping for a Roo, but he was impressed by her size. And yup, its an EE... believe it or not, green legs and all. We talked about breed for a while, but since I got it from a hatchery we decided shes just a throwback. She looks exactly like her buff sisters only bigger and more cuddly.
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