7 Years
Apr 5, 2012
Mohave County, Arizona
I bought a couple 3 month old chickens from a lady who told me they were for sure hens. Since then neither have started laying any eggs (they are now a little over 5 months old) and they both crow in the morning and have started fighting. The brown one frequently sits in a nest box and clucks a lot, but hasn't laid anything. I have read that hens will sometimes crow. I know the white one for sure is a roo, but I thought the brown one was a hen. I have noticed tiny spur bumps on the brown one but not the white one. Now I'm thinking I have two roos. I feel ripped off. :( Am I right?

Sorry about the crappy pics, they wouldn't stop moving and its a really windy day...My avatar is what they looked like when I first got them.

the pointy tail feathers belong to the white chicken..

the white one has a much bigger comb and wattle...

You can see the difference in the shape of the tail feathers here...
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