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May 4, 2007
On easter egger's can they be mixed with any breed of chicken or if you have two a male easter egger and a famale do you get a baby easter egger or is it like sex link somewhere I read you can't breed two sex link and get a sex link is this so with a easter egger.

Confused YES can't get it YES sex link HUH easter egger not sure HELP EXPLAN PLEASE.

they will not be sexlinked and yes sexlinks are a one time breed you cant breed them together and get more sexlinks. as long as there is ameracuna, arucuna, and ______(both of those are misspelled and i cant think of the 3rd one) mixed in it will be an ee. so if you breed ee to an ee you will get an ee.

does this help maybe someone else can explain it better lol
Any chicken will breed with any chicken and they have offspring if both are fertile.

Are you asking if the eggs will still be colorful?
Yes they will because EEs have the blue shell gene. Having that gene means the eggs will be either blue, green, olive, khaki or brown, never white.
Sex Link is the term for a one time breeding of using a female carrying a sex-linked gene and breeding her to a male who doesn't carry it to make offspring in which the males show it and carry it, but the females don't.

Easter Eggers are different, in that, the definition really is ANY chicken that carries the blue egg gene or who's parents did, but the chicken is not and does not coform to being a purebred Araucana or Ameraucana.

Easter Eggers can lay an assortment of egg colors (but brown or white usually isn't so) and Easter Eggers can have a huge variety of parentage, including having no Ameraucana nor Araucana behind them (such as the original colored laying mutts from Central and South America)

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