EEK! Chicks coming sooner than expected! (Yippeee!)

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    A couple of months ago, I ordered some chicks from Sandhill Preservation. They say on their website that when they know which hatch they will fill your order from, they will send a letter. Then, the day the chicks ship, they call that evening and let you know that they actually did ship them. I've been waiting and waiting for a letter, hoping for chicks this fall, but no letter yet. Then last night, while we were out, a message was left saying that my chicks were shipped!!! My guess is that a letter was sent, but go lost - we often get mail addressed to other people on our street, so probably some of ours goes astray, too. It's a pretty rural area - you would think it's not so hard to put the right mail in the right box, as there's only one box per house, not gazillions like in an apartment house or something! Oh, well, that's another story.

    So - the chicks will be here Thursday, naturally that's a day I'm scheduled for a double shift at work, and my DH has company-wide meetings with the business owners that can't be changed or missed. [​IMG]

    So, having my priorities right, I'll be calling work in about an hour to let them know I won't be in tomorrow morning. I sure hope the chicks come in the morning, so I can at least work the evening shift! Oh, well, I've been there almost four years and this is my first call-out. Guess that should count for something! I guess I won't say exactly what has "come up" to prevent me being at work; for some reason not everyone finds chickens more important than work. Don't know what's wrong with them!

    So, instead of picking tomatoes and getting garden produce into the freezer, I'll spend today setting up for chicks. So excited!

    Next installment: THEY'RE HERE! I got the call at 6:30 this morning, naturally just when I'd gone out to turn on the heat lamp and fill the feeders and waterers. The post office is about five minutes away, so I ran right over and got them. I'd ordered Dorkings, and given permission to substitute if necessary. I got 27 chicks, 23 Dorkings and two white orps, plus the extra two were white orps also. All are alive and active at present, hope it stays that way! I'll have quite a mix of colors, there are nine blacks, one colored, two rose comb colored, seven light grey, one silver grey, and three white. Plus the orps. One of the blacks is TINY, TINY but seems to be holding its own. It's eating and drinking, and I'll watch closely to be sure it gets enough. They're so so cute, all those different colors. Can't wait to see what they look like when they grow up!
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    Hi. I just wanted to say ,I ordered my chicks from a hatchery about 8 hours away from me, on the other side of the state. I thought maybe it would take a day, but instead it took 3 days. I'm really rooting for you and your chicks. Post some pics when they come in.
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    have your chicks arrived yet today?

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