EE's yes?

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    Here are our raven feathered loves. First chicks! I believe they are EE's but when I got them from a local gal she said ameracauna. But I believe she is thinking of the EE's some people claim are Ameracaunas. They are black as you can see but have a gorgeous green sheen to their feathers in the sun. Super sweet and friendly! With grey legs. So are they EE's? Mahalo in advance
    Here is a pic of their legs
    Here's another of them
  2. Here's another lol can u tell I love them?!
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    The deciding factor will be if they fit into the specific breed description in body type which I do not know/cannot judge. They do not look like what are typically labeled Easter Eggers but if they do not meet body type definition of Ameraucana they would be. They appear to have beards based on photos posted and pea combs. They also have the desired slate legs as well. They may be a black Ameraucana which is a recognized color - or they could be a mix including that breed.

    Regardless of what you call them, enjoy your blue egg layers(most likely).
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    I don't think that they are pure Ameraucanas, as they appear to have very small beards and I can't really see any muffs on the face. They might be Easter Eggers, or just poorly bred Ameraucanas.
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    They look like Easter Eggers to me since I don' see much of a beard or muffs. Other than that, though, they do share other defining Ameraucana characteristics: slate legs, recognized color, pea comb, etc.
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    I'm not sure they're even Easter Eggers, to tell the truth, they simply look like mixed breed birds to me. Not Ameraucanas to be sure. If they lay blue or green eggs, then call them EE. If they lay brown, call them barnyard mix.
  7. Thanks for all the input! I will let y'all know in the coming months when they start laying what color the eggs are. So far they are sweet, friendly birds and when we put them in the yard (supervised) they are great little foragers! I look forward to seeing how they look when they're older :)
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    Here is a picture of their mama :)
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    I'm stumped. The black one looks like a pure Ameraucana. But then that chick looks like an EE.
  10. Right?? I'll ask for her to clarify. I'm thinking the EE chick is from a different hatch, maybe another bird?

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