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    Feb 1, 2016
    Just my recent experience: I ordered Black Ausralorp pullets from eFowl. They then contracted Hoovers to fill the order (this was just before eFowl began allowing you choose which hatchery you buy from). The shipping invoice that came with the birds clearly stated Black Australorps, but after six weeks it is clear they filled my box something other than Australorps. Based on the markings of the pullets and a missexed cockerel, Hoovers sent me one of their new "breeds", the Asia Blue or Asia Black. EFowl has given me a full refund but can not tell me what kind of birds I've received. And I've emailed Hoovers for information as to how to discern between the Asia Blue and Asia Black and their traits, as I'd really like to at least know what I've got. But Hoovers has never replied. Bottom line, eFowl, as a middleman, can't ensure you get what you purchase. And Hoovers Hatchery seems rather poorly ran based on my order and their failure to answer an innocent email inquiring about their products. Also, I'd point out that EFowl has locked out my access to edit my review of this transaction, which may explain why they don't have many poor reviews on their site.
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    That stinks. I think I've seen eFowl getting some bad reviews on third party sites, and it's always best to skip the middleman. I have always ordered from Ideal Poultry in Texas (it's the hatchery closest to me!) and have been pleased with the quality and pricing of their birds. Customer service is pretty good too. I once had a chick arrive dead, they refunded me no questions asked. Only problem I have with them is on all pullet orders, there seem to be quite a few cockerels. Oh well, no hatchery is perfect, and the males don't go to waste...
    Hope you have good luck with your "mystery" birds. :)

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