Egg 7 early death ? Urgent help required


6 Years
Aug 22, 2013
I have places 12 eggs in my mini Eco brinsea incubator. 3x silkies and 9x sable poot. It's has been just over 82 hours and I know that it was too early to candle the eggs but I am curious what is going inside the eggs .
To my surprise the 1,2,3,5,6,8,9,10,11, are fertile as I could see the little heart beating and web of blood veins attached however the egg number 4 and 12 are empty no sign of heart . The number 7 look rather early death as I could see bit of red veins like broken and scattered inside the eggs and there is no heart to be found .
Does it mean that number 7 is early death ?
Second question: the air sac if I compare to the day one and after 3 days have gone big in size . Is it fine or there is something I should do.
My incubator is constant on 37.5 tem and 45 to 47 humidity . Are my eggs developing fast as its just been about 3 days of incubation and in theory( I have heard that the first 24 hours do not count) the 1 day does not count anyway but still if it is day 2 then is it not too early that the chicks are developing too fast .
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I need advise on the air sac . On this pic the eggs in the incubator for only 3 days and the humidity is between 45 to 47 . Do you guys think that the air sac has gone bigger so quick and what if it keep progressing like this , will chick die

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