Egg binding possibly?

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    I don't have a chicken, but a quail I believe may be egg bound. I can't feel an egg by examining her outside, but she is acting like she is needing to push an egg out, but only pooping.

    I should say that she went broody, stopped laying and eating calcium. Her chicks are all grown up now and I believe her system has restarted (not laid an egg yet though). She's not that interested in eating, she drinks tons, her poops are normal but very small (obviously not eating much), but they're formed etc.

    She's fluffed up but semi active. Can an egg be stuck farther up to where you can't feel it externally by massaging a lightly?

    I gave her mealworms coated in powdered egg shell to amp up her calcium.

    Does this sound like egg binding?
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    I am more familiar with chickens andI don't know much about quail, so I would recommend posting here on the quail thread for more looks:

    What do you feed her? Diet or lack of a mate can be a cause of egg binding in birds. She could have an egg farther up stuck, or she could be a little constipated possibly. I wouldn't keep her coop too overly warm, and if you think that she may be constipated, you could try a few drops of molasses in her food or water. That can act as a mild laxative. Here are a couple of good links about egg binding:

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