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    Jul 10, 2012
    Hello, I'm afraid I know the answer to my dilemma but thought it was worth a shot here anyway.

    My broodiest hen appears to be eggbound. She's older, at least 5 years and has never really been a consistent layer even in her youth. She's also been broody all her life with me having to get her off the nest a few times every laying season. This time of year I don't get many eggs here w/my girls, so catching a problem is a bit more difficult.

    I noticed all the signs of her being eggbound and this is day 3 of warm baths and KY Jelly. She's eating, drinking, pooping with gusto but doesn't move around well though her tail is high most of the time. I cannot feel anything "up there" or by palpating her belly area. I fear this may have been going on longer than I realized as she appeared pretty normal up until about a week ago.

    Is there a point of no return? I've been keeping her in during the cold part of the day/night and letting her go out in the yard when it's sunny thinking that moving around a bit might get things moving in her.

    I think I know where this is going but am grasping for hope....

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