egg bound Buff Orpington - taking a turn for the worse

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    Feb 15, 2012
    PLEASE OFFER UP SOME ADDITIONAL GUIDANCE! I can't feel the egg internally and have not been able to manipulate it externally. She is getting lethargic.

    It's been almost 4 hours since I've posted asking for help. I have tried to feel the egg by inserting a gloved finger into the vent and nothing. I can't feel the egg. I am also unable to manipulate it out of her.
    I don't have a vet available for the chicken and since I can't feel the egg. I don't want to break it since I'll never be able to get the yolk or shell pieces out of her.
    She has done 2 large poops after feeding her some sour cream and soaking in the warm water and 2 syringes of olive oil. She pooped only when I tried to cover her with a towel to pick her up. They were large, but she also has not pooped since then - roughly 2 hours now.
    I'm looking for some additional suggestions in treating an egg bound hen. The area under her vent is very red and is in the shape of an egg. I currently have her sitting in a warm bath (for over an hour now) and have used a syringe filled with olive oil to try and 'lube' things up for her. She's also been given some sour cream (no tums or yogurt in the house) for a calcium boost. I also don't have any preparation h on hand to reduce the swelling.
    She has tried a couple of time to pass the egg, but no luck so far. I am also unsure of how long she's been like this because today was the first time I was able to separate the rooster from the flock so I could get a good look at the girls. I don't want to rupture the egg, but I don't have a vet to take her to either. (The one I have does the dogs/cats only). Is there something else I can do to help her?
    Poop is normal - no blood or discoloration.[​IMG]

    I'll try to get a picture of her if she'll cooperate.
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    Thanks for the links, I've tried all of it but nothing I've done has worked. I'm 4 hours drive time from the nearest avian/exotic vet where I live. I've given her 4 syringes of virgin olive oil while trying to massage the egg out. I finally put her back in her coop after 6 hours and no luck I'll be checking on her first thing in the morning to see if she was able to pass the egg.
    When I put my finger in her vent I could not feel the egg, it is sitting low in her abdomen and is clearly visible when looking at her. After a few hours her patience with me messing with her was gone and she started pecking at me whenever I went near her. I'm hoping that she'll clear it on her own during the night otherwise I'll be checking with my local feed stores to see if they know of anyone who can help. Hopefully it won't be too late.
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    Oh, I am sorry you are going through such an ordeal. She must be in a lot of pain. She is so inflamed - maybe she has an infection. Can you call the vet that is 4 hrs away and see if you can send them the photo. Maybe they can serve you by phone.

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