Egg bound disaster, graphic images. Squeamish people beware.

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Apr 1, 2013
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Okay so. We had a hen that was showing classic egg bound symptoms. We gave her a warm bath and massage, but it didn't seem to be helping. After probing the vent, we realized that not only was the egg five times as big as it should be, it was coated in a buildup of rubbery, nasty stuff about half an inch thick. After pulling hunks of it off, we were able to break the egg and pull it out. Problem is, it was rotten and she was bleeding behind the egg. I couldn't find anything like this on the Internet and wanted to know if you guys have heard of or experienced this. She's currently resting in a box, wrapped in a towel with a heat lamp. Any ideas of her outlook?
Here are some images of the monster egg. I'd already thrown some away outside since it reeks so bad.


start her on a general antibiotic for infection can use something like water soluble gallmycine if she is drinking if not drinking you may have to use an injection of something like leveamycine called LA 200 at 1/4 cc once daily for 5 to 7 days. with the amount of infection she has I'd opt for injection because it gets into the blood steam faster and dose is more regulated. I'd do this ASAP. it should help with the infection. I wish you the best and I'd get the antibiotic in her system as soon as you can. hopefully the infection hadn't gone too far. please act fast time is of essence. I hope she gets better. but you need to get the infection under control. I really think injection is best in her case. you can get injectable at the feed store along with the syringe but please hurry
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