egg-bound hen finally laid egg-still not well!

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    Jul 10, 2009
    Ruby is a 2yo rhode island red hen; 2 days ago, was just sitting in the yard, not running around/eating/acting normally. Discovered last night in coop with "pulsing" (not sure how else to describe it) rear end and white drainage from vent. This morning, she came out & walked around a bit, but would not eat. Searched web for ideas/help. Brought her inside & gave her a warm bath in the sink; used a bit of oil to help lubricate the vent and after 1 hour, she finally was able to lay a huge egg! Thought all would be better, but wanted to let her rest. Kept her inside the rest of today; she's finally started to eat and drink a bit. Her rear end is still pulsing. She finally passed some waste after 8 hours indoors; uncharacteristically smelly! Runnier than usual and a bit mucous-y. She is sitting now on a hot water bottle & appears calm. Any ideas? Do I just keep her inside until she lays another egg? Give her another warm bath? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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