Egg Bound Hen Follow-Up

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In the Brooder
11 Years
May 5, 2008
Colonial Heights, VA
I had some success in helping an egg bound hen over the past couple of weeks, but she required additional care. I separated her for several days, continued sitz baths and gave her some low-dosage aspirin because of a swollen abdomen and prolapsed vent. She seems to be doing fine and is no longer confined.

However, now that the swelling in her abdomen is gone, she is distinctly saggy between her legs. This could be stretched skin from the swelling, or maybe it could be something more permanent (?) She doesn't appear sick, is eating normally, but she is definitely keeping herself apart from the rest of the flock. (But I think this is mostly to avoid the rooster.) Could the bound egg have caused permanent internal damage?

Any opinions?

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