Egg Bound Hen?

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    Hello All!

    My hen hasn't been acting totally herself recently. She has always been the mellow hen. A few days ago I realized she was positioned differently. Last night I went to put them inside for the night and she could walk up the ramp but she couldn't get over the 2in piece of wood used to keep the bedding in which she could of before. Included are some pictures and videos of her free ranging. She is still eating and most likely drinking if shes eating. Her water has electrolytes in it so it looks yellow. She seems to be dragging a little lower then the other hens between the legs. I felt around and it felt swollen I guess. I'm just afraid to touch her and lift her up I'm afraid I'll hurt her if she's sensitive. She is about three years old and hasn't laid in a couple months now. They have artificial lighting so I don't think she'd start laying again just because the weather is starting to warm. Please let me know your thoughts and what to do next!




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    You can insert a finger inside her vent 1-2 inches to feel for a stuck egg. It should just feel soft if no egg. I 'm not a vet, but you might want to feel of her breast bone for weight loss or the lower belly for fullness or tightness which could be signs of egg yolk peritonitis or internal laying. She also could have an injury, but internal laying can be common in hens 2 or older. A vet might help to diagnose it, but since most of us can't take a chicken to vets, you could just make sure that she is eating and drinking, and make her comfortable. Vitamins added to her food or water might be a good idea.
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